On Thursday (at 3:00 in the morning), I leave to go to Belize!! I'm going on a Belize medical mission trip that I have been waiting to go since I was 10 years old.  All my siblings have gone, and at age 16, my mom takes us for the first time.  I have seen so… Continue reading Excited-ness



Tonight marks the biggest night in college football (all year ;)). My family couldn't be more excited since I have five brothers who all L O V E football and played it throughout high school. The only thing that has been on my TV is the countdown for the National Championship game! This reminds me… Continue reading Sportiness


One of the main sources of my cheerfulness comes from my favorite season... FALL! Who doesn't love pumpkin patches, football games, coffee/hot chocolate, bonfires, oversized sweaters and boots. Walking outside, seeing the different leaf colors and the mild temperatures, simply brings a smile to my face. Also, fall means that my two favorite holidays are… Continue reading Cheerfulness